TANG Offshore team having been with CNPC, CNOOC, COSL, and several
Marine shipyard of Singapore established close relations of cooperation,
business covers platform, underwater exploration, geophysical exploration
equipment, offshore engineering vessel and other the world's cutting-edge
areas .Our company's service scope including: drilling platform, oil
exploration vessels FPSO, working vessel, AHTS working ship, floating
crane, semi-submersible vessel, power equipment and parts.

Technical Support Services

Our company can provide customers at home and abroad with new

shipbuilding、the new platform design consultancy and equipment in

packaging, provide with technical service support and on-site installation and

debugging, guidance of equipment field test , maritime affairs services and

after-sales service, maintenance and spare parts supply etc.

Storage and transportation equipment

Heating bend pipe, ERW Straight seam welded pipe, straight seam submerged arc welding steel pipe, spiral seam submerged arc

welding steel pipe, storage tank and spherical tank, one、two、three types of pressure vessel.

Seabed equipment

With the increase of our country marine petroleum exploitation depth, the demand of offshore oil underwater equipment is becoming larger,

the more contact between the parts. Our company has continuously attention to world advanced underwater equipment technology and

provide first-class、sophisticated underwater equipment for domestic customers.

Offshore Oil Engineering Ship

Our company cooperates with the ship design institute in a long-term to participate in offshore oil engineering ship design and equipment

supply. We keep closely cooperation relationship with the domestic offshore oil engineering ship construction units and provide various

services for shipbuilding enterprises.

FPSO equipment

Our complete set FPSO equipment including: water separator module, gas treatment module, crude oil processing module, water

reinjection module, gas compression module, instrument module, function module and chemical module, generator set, helideck, life

equipment, pipeline, anchoring module, turret and rotary joint etc.

Marine petroleum exploitation

●    Subsea petroleum exploitation equipment

●    Subsea oil collecting equipment

●    Engine room equipment

●    Security equipment

Offshore drilling platform

We have already been a qualified supplier of CNOOC for a long time, offering a variety of high-quality equipment and services to drilling

platform, including: drilling equipment, mud system, well-control equipment, maritime system, engine room equipment, security equipment

Brands include: Rolls-Royce, National Oilwell Varco,MacGregor,Cameroon, Omiga, Aker, EMS ENERGY, Thrustmasters and SPM etc.

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