TANG safety team specializes in providing professional fire safety services for the marine sector which is in compliance with the regulations of SOLAS and classification societies.


Fire Safety Service Scope:
●    Portable fire extinguisher(dry powder,CO2,Foam) annual inspection, hydro-test and refilling
●    Breathing apparatus annual inspection/five year inspection
●    EEBD annual inspection/five year inspection
●    Resuscitator inspection/five year inspection
●    Air bottle for lifeboat inspection/five year inspection
●    Immersion suits annual inspection
●    Foam liquid analysis for foam system & foam applicator
●    CO2 high system/low system service including alarm test, pipe blow through
●    Foam system service
●    Dry powder system service

Also able to provide a professional and reliable service for:
●    Local life raft annual inspection
●    Gas detector services
●    Marine automation services

Classification Society
BV • NK • KR • RINA • ABS • GL


A.O.H.: +86 18830452087


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