Equipment & Project


TANG equipment & Project team is specialized to provide quality

equipment for your ship building, conversion and repair projects

in shipyards. Our company has obtained authorization or agency of

more than 60 well-known Marine equipment manufacturers such

as China, Europe, Japan, South Korea etc. We can provide whole

and partial package of new shipbuilding of below 35 ton vessels,

which are suitable for all kinds vessel of marine engineering,

transportation, special purpose and so on, mainly provides the

following services:

A, the specific equipment selection and technical consultation

B, the equipment price controls of provided products

C, each stage and follow-up technical services


Accommodation outfitting and deck outfitting

Accommodation outfitting: we provide life building overall arrangement and facilities supply and installation, including the kitchen, laundry

room, bathroom, living room, conference room, etc., in addition also provides all kinds of fire rating of doors and Windows, wall panels,

ceiling materials.

Deck outfitting: manhole covers, hatch cover, marine door, marine window, marine ladder, protective cage, baluster, armrest

Lifesaving and Firefighting Equipment

Marine lifesaving equipment includes life jackets, buoy, life raft, breathing apparatus, line throwing device, emergency lights and so on.

We can supply whole ship life-saving equipment according to customer requirements. 

Marine firefighting equipment includes CO2 Fire extinguishing systems, monitor, fire hydrant, fire hose box, fire axes and other

equipment. We can package the firefighting equipment of the ship according to customer requirements.

Automatic control system

Ship automatic control system is a part of ship automation, its products cover bridge, monitoring and remote control series, power

distribution series, charge and discharge series, various counters and boxes composing of distributor and starting series system and so


According to the specific requirements of the clients and design institute, we contact the manufacturer for customized control and

distribution system, ensure that customers receive the most preferential price and after-sales service.

Deck machinery

Deck machinery, or ship deck machinery, is machinery equipment that mounted on the ship's deck, is the most important part of the ship.

Deck machinery is the required machinery and equipment to ensure the normal ship sailing and ship dock, loading and unloading

goods, passengers up and down .The ship deck machinery can be divided into big deck machinery and small deck machinery. Mainly

includes the steering gear, windlass and winch, fairleader, bollard (LAN pile), roller for fairleader, deck cranes, etc.

Assistant equipment in engine room

Marine engine room assistant system is an indispensable part of normal operation of vessels, which can be roughly divided into the air

compressor, heat exchanger, oil separator, sewage treatment unit, boiler, air conditioning, fan and pump valve.

The ship propulsion system

In order to guarantee the reliability of the ship propulsion system, currently, more and more owner and shipyard to choose ship's main

propulsion system in packaging, our company provide packaging scope including: main engine, high-elastic coupling, gear box,

intermediate shaft, stern shaft and propeller or CPP, rudder propeller and shaft generator.

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