TANG agency team provides complete ship agency and protection services for vessels.


Range of agency service

●    Arranging ship's entry and departure formalities including all necessary documents according to the regulations of local ship authorities

●    Arrange ship berthing, water diversion, tug, departure procedures in order to save time

●    Arrange cargo loading and uploading of vessels, such as container cargo, chemical cargo, etc. Also provide floating crane operation service. 

●    Crew exchange, crew’s health care service, immigration formalities and all necessary services for the crews needs.

●    Transshipment of containers to other ports, trucking and delivery service. 

●    Customs clearance for spare parts, supply fresh water, provisions, bunkering.

●    Ship repairs, ship emergency repairing and dry docking, divers under water inspection service.

●    Other emergency service, such as ship damaging, claim handling, special cargo handling service.

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